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Cinema Seating, Redefined.

Luxury is a lifestyle and comfort is a necessity. Catering to both is what we do best. Indulge in TheaterOne seating so your clientele get’s the best cinema experience possible. 

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Our team will conduct a consultation with you and assess your needs from every angle. We take great detail in presenting you with the exact aesthetic you desire.

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Present your customer an opulent space that aligns with their success. Exude the quality and longevity of their work with our luxury seating. 

Luxury Vehicle Seating, Redefined.

We implore you to satisfy your client’s desire for a first-class experience. Take their  high-end travel to the next level with TheaterOne and enjoy the journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Space and size are large factors when choosing your chairs for any purpose room, may that be a commercial space or theater room. You will want to consider allocating space for socializing and any equipment necessary for the room. Like any room in your home, allot space in order for the room to flow. Measure out your desired room in order to calculate how many seats you can comfortably hold. The size of your room is also important if you are wanting to implement risers, acoustic panelling, sound equipment, and any other aesthetics you desire.

TheaterOne models range from 30”- 40” wide and come in many configurations. If you are wanting two or more rows, keep in mind that you will need 30”-40” between each row for recline purposes. We offer loveseats (individual seats attached without individual armrests), and as rows (individual seats attached with armrests separating, all connected). Both can be constructed in any number of seating. As an alternative option, you can incorporate the loveseat with the individual seats. All depending on your personal preference. 

The standard movie theater setup uses shared arms. This is ideal for conserving space. For a commercial space, two arms per chair is ideal for personal space. It is necessary to specify your preference when placing your order. 

Here at TheaterOne, we engineer our chairs using high quality microfiber leather. This leather is specially designed to be compatible with disinfecting chemicals, which is ideal for commercial areas where sanitization is a priority. Color customization is available with our chairs, as we have an array of options. Our standard in-stock models come in black and dark chocolate.

Our in-stock models have a delivery timeline of roughly 4 weeks, depending on availability, and our custom orders take 14-16 weeks. Once your order is placed, production will commence. Once your chair is secured within our warehouse and complete, shipping to you will take 5-7 business days. If you opt for the White Glove Service, you will receive a call for a scheduled delivery in which they will unbox and set up your chairs in the desired room. You will receive tracking information once your order is shipped. 

The features that range among our models are from LED lighting on base & cup holders, and armrest storage – to reclining, lumbar and headrest mechanisms and support. We also offer accessories that connect to the chair. Tray tables, tablet holders, and wine glass holders are available and very sought after based off of their high functionality. 

If you are interested in ordering chairs with a bit of extra room, please inquire with our Sales staff about our XL models.