About Us

TheaterOne has recognized the desire for luxury seating and we have delivered it. A team of research analysts have spent 10 years engineering a luxury recliner like no other. The ergonomic design allows virtually all bodies to experience complete and utter bliss. 

Constructed with top of the line microfiber and features, our chairs are one of a kind. Whether you are looking to furnish your home theater, waiting room of your business, or looking to enhance luxury transport, our chairs will align well with your standards. 

Our goal was to create a luxury recliner that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also possesses the top tier craftsmanship needed to offer you longevity, and we have achieved that. 

Delivering The Luxury Chair You Need

Our goal is to cater to your desire to the full degree. Our team will work with your needs and ultimately present your commercial space with the comfort and richness it needs to take your lavish space to the next level. Here at TheaterOne we have 3 main objectives;

  • Discovery of client needs
  • Engineer our product to cater to those needs
  • Deliver quality and luxury

TheaterOne has built a platform off of integrity, dedication and a heightened level of quality that no other company has matched. We have pioneered ourselves as a staple in the industry, and spearheaded quality luxury seating. With a dedicated and highly qualified team that has conducted countless hours of research, we are proud to say our product is highly sought after. Please indulge in our level of richness to have your commercial space drip with jaw-dropping design and the ultimate ergonomic comfort. 

Seating Solutions, Redefined.