Seating Solutions by TheaterOne Seating

Cinema & Theater Seating

Our theater chairs are designed for those looking to have a superior movie watching experience.

Whether you are looking to furnish your auditorium, or an upscale commercial theater, our theater seating should be a go-to.

High-End Theater Seating

When looking to furnish your commercial space, the two most important factors are quality and cost. At TheaterOne, we make chairs that are engineered to last. Crafted with luxurious microfibre leather and a strong wood framework, our chairs are often mimicked, but never duplicated.

Our pricing is competitive and we offer you a high quality product. With 10 years of experience, we have created a fool-proof formula to produce the utmost comfort at an affordable cost.

Safety Matters

What makes us stand out among the rest?
Our microfiber is flame-retardant and therefore very sought after by both businesses and consumers. As the only theater seating company that offers this important - and sometimes life saving feature - we believe our product is #1 when making your decision. On top of that, the microfiber is susceptible to disinfecting chemicals, which allows your consumer to also have a germ-free space, something that is ideal in terms of our future progressions in our current world. With competitive pricing on top of that, we believe our product is a smart choice when presenting your client’s space with the best.

Construction & Design

We conduct our quality checks in-house to ensure your needs are met to the fullest degree. Our construction methods are modeled around 10 years of research and integration.

Full Spectrum Service

TheaterOne offers a full spectrum service. Our team will conduct a consultation with you and assess your needs from every angle. We take great detail in presenting you with the exact aesthetic you desire. We cover all your design needs, offering an assortment of color options and combinations, embroidery custom to the establishment, and the option of cloth or genuine leather. Next, our skilled team will deliver you the ultimate result in commercial theater installation. Fine detail is implemented and our educated installers perfect the acoustics and equipment placement to the most optimal level. TheaterOne will assist you throughout the entire process. Our service is completely custom to your desires, and we offer a 1 on 1 consultation to ensure all of your needs are met.
We have created a team who implements excellence every day. Packing consistency and overwhelming care into our product is what our company is built on. We conduct our quality checks in-house to ensure your needs are met to the fullest degree. Our construction methods are modeled around 10 years of research and integration.
Our process is incredibly thorough and detailed. We believe in creating a product that is both unique and geared towards longevity. In order for us to present this success, our methods are of the highest standard.

Lobby & Room Seating

When choosing the best seating for your waiting room, office, or operating space; please know that our chairs are vital to deliver opulence to your space.

Not only is the aesthetic beautifully designed, the quality and comfort is here for time to come.

Luxurious Client Seating

Do you cater to a business that wants to upgrade their waiting room area? Looking to furnish a dentistry or orthodontic treatment operation? Want to present a luxurious experience to your clientele, and ultimately their customer-base? Our chairs are catered to you then.
Who you are; you are a leader in your field and want your clients to know. It is important to present your consumer with a product that mirrors their success. Utilizing our chairs is not just to guarantee comfortable seating. It ensures the client will be at the optimal comfort level which will stay consistent for years to come. We offer competitive pricing to the industry standard, but what is not standard is our engineering. With features such as motorized headrest, lumbar support, and a reclining mechanism constructed using the world’s top model, along with LED base and cup holder lighting, your clientele will be seriously impressed.

Luxury Vehicle Seating

When you’ve chosen a high-end vessel, we implore you to explore TheaterOne to furnish the interior.

We believe in matching class with quality.
When choosing our chairs, you are signing up for longevity and luxury.

Luxurious Transportation

TheaterOne does not only cater to the commercial cinema, but can also furnish the large-scale luxury transportation you provide to your consumer. When your customers are investing in your luxury transportation it is ideal to have continuity between the lavish exterior you provide with the interior. TheaterOne offers your customers the chance to indulge and exude not only wealth, but functionality.
Our chairs are catered to companies who possess class and luxury to present to their customers who travel far and wide. Spacious seating, top-tier features, and high quality microfiber are three components to guarantee the most luxurious travel experience for your consumers.
The frame is constructed using a high-grade material that carries very little weight, therefore practical for installation and movement.
Our chairs are engineered with the highest quality materials to bring you what we believe is most important: delivering a product to your consumer that lasts for time to come. Our chairs feature the internationally recognized Leggett & Platt’s reclining mechanism, which is a top-tier function designed for comfort that lasts a lifetime.

Microfiber Leather

Holding the highest quality grade in pseudo leather, microfiber is top tier. Simulating the components of genuine leather, the comparison is seamless.
Composed of ultra-fine fibers that are meticulously produced to perfection, this material not only simulates genuine leather, but has a higher quality physical and chemical performance as well.

When we think of synthetic leathers we usually picture plastic-like finishes that do not mimic the appearance of leather in the least.
This is not the case for microfiber. The finish is virtually identical to genuine leather. Another important factor to consider is the durability of this material. It is incredibly resilient, which amounts to its long lifespan.

Why choose microfiber leather over genuine leather? 

It comes down to longevity. Not only does this material grossly outlast other fake leathers, it also has a longer life than genuine leather. It possesses a stronger barrier to water than any other material.
On top of those positive elements, it is also much better for the environment, due to that lack of animal incorporation.